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Ready-Mix Concrete

Dried Cherry Pits as a Biomass FuelBeckman Brothers is a West Michigan provider of ready-mix concrete, delivered to your job site. We are able to batch mix to the requirements of the individual customer or design a mix to meet the specific requirements for any application.

We help you determine what the proper mix is needed for your project. All concrete mixed and metered on site - you only pay for what you pour. Fresh concrete is stronger.

Strength of concrete is important for every application. The more the cement the stronger the mix.

Rule of Thumb:

  • Footing Mix - 5 Bag
  • Sidewalk, Floors, Poured Walls – 5 Bag
  • Driveway – 6 Bag
  • Floors or Driveways For Heavy Use 7-8 Bag Mix

Other concrete and cement products we carry for the consumer:

  • Rebar 3/8, ½ 5/8
  • Bagged Cement
  • Bagged Mortar
  • Fiber
  • Water Reducer
  • Calcium Chloride

We offer homeowners & contractors cash discounts.

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