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Sand, Gravel & Landscape Materials


We produce various types of sand & gravel.
Types of sand:

  • Fill Sand
  • Packing Fill
  • Free Stall Sand
  • Mortar Sand (Used to Lay Blocks & Bricks)
  • 2ns Sand (Used to Mix in Cement & Lay Pavers
  • Golf Course Sand (Used to Top Dress Greens & Sand Traps)
  • Screened Top Soil
  • Baseball Material (Used on Athletic Fields & Horse Arenas)

Gravel & Driveway Materials:

  • Road Gravel Clay, Sand & Stone Mixed
  • 22A Road Gravel - State Certified
  • 23A Road Gravel - State Certified
  • Recycled Material – Crushed Concrete, Clay & Sand Mix
  • 22A Slag (Grayish in Color With Lots of Fines For Packing Quality)
  • 22A Limestone (Crushed Limestone With Lots of Fines For Packing Quality)
  • Trap Rock (Greenish in Color With Lots of Fines For Packing Quality)

Cement Gravel

Tip: Mix with bagged cement and you have concrete.

Types of Stone

  • Septic Stone 6A - 3/8 Inch to 1-1/2 Stone
  • Pea Stone - ¼- 3/8 Stone
  • Decorative Stone
  • 1-4 inch
  • 2-8 inch
  • 8 & up Split Stone

We also carry other products

  • Trap Rock
  • Foundry Stone
  • Red Wood Chips/Mulch
  • Natural Wood Chips/Mulch

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