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Biomass Fuel in West Michigan

Dried Cherry Pits as a Biomass FuelBeckman Brothers is now a West Michigan source for dried cherry pits as an alternative biomass fuel for biomass stoves.

You can order dried cherry pits from us in 40 lb. bags or in bulk by the ton. We will deliver bulk orders anywhere in our West Michigan service area, as well as to other areas, depending on the order size.

Dried cherry pits are an excellent alternative biomass fuel because they burn hotter and cleaner than wood pellets and many other biomass fuels. Pound for pound, they provide a greater BTU output than wood pellets or corn, and are a more cost-efficient way to heat with alternative fuel sources.

If you would like to try dried cherry pits in your multi-fuel stove or biomass furnace, please feel free to call us for more information about how you can get a sample. We guarantee that once you have burned dried cherry pits, you will agree that they are one of the best and cost-effective biomass fuel sources for multi-fuel applications.

Contact Beckman Brothers today to order dried cherry pits for use as a biomass fuel.

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